Yeah, like SonicJohn knows anything about easter eggs... psht.

~ dkfrumwithin on one of SonicJohn's favourite things to talk about.

SonicJohn is a member on Most famous for his thread in the Halo 2 Forum, originally entitled "The Skulls Have Got To Be Crached And Soon" and finally after various changes to the thread's motivation and intention "TSHGTBCASThe Search For TUE". SonicJohn has progressed in the Community through various projects and has become somewhat of a notable member.

Sonicjohn visor enabled

SonicJohn With His Visor Enabled

Sonicjohn visor down

SonicJohn With His Visor Disabled


SonicJohn history

SonicJohn first joined on he 4th August 2004 (8/4/2004). He was a lurker on the site for a long time. Reading over Opogjijijp's theories and generally amusing himself over Bungie traits and the WWU. His title is Webcam MVP, a rare title which could only be won (possibly subject to change) in the 2007 Bungie Webcam Games, run by the Bungie employee "MrHand". Here is the thread in which he won the title. He has now become a frequent poster, and you can usually find him posting in the Bungie Community Forum, The Flood, The Underground and (although now against his will, due to how much he hates the place considering the majority are spammers, selfish people, and Icanhazrecons) the Halo 3 Forum.

The Halo Raiders Clan

Started intially upon the release of Halo 2 in 2004, The Halo Raiders was a named randomly created for his Clan. At the time, the only users were SonicJohn, Rocket Daza, Hammerhoid, Red_Angel4173 and Shilly117. Now there are roughly 20 members including the original SonicJohn, Shilly117 and Hammerhoid.

This clan was initially made to challenge the pros and defeat the enemies! But after one game in the Minor Clan Battle playlist in Halo 2, they quickly realised they weren't all superawesomebetterthanpros at the game. So, they decided they'd be better off as a Community Clan, embarking on Machinima initally.

At current, The Halo Raiders are involved with various Projects. Project L.A.S.O. being their most famous one.



SonicJohn's Profile

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