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Sniper McGee has made a nice space for himself in The Flood. He can sometimes be expected to post a witty comment or something of the sort, but as of late, his favorite skirmish opponents (Teh Maleman, BLACKJACK green and g english) have been much too busy to have a battle of wits with him. Now, he's been mingling with other interesting members, such as Mabian, Ada Astra, Red Phoenix, 808 State and Cactus Jack12.

He joined on August 20, 2006, and he is sad to say that the thought of Halo 3 brought him to the site. After spending some time in the Halo 3 forum, he moved over to The Flood where he happened upon a member named ToP Chester. Chester sort of "guided" young McGee into The Flood, letting him make a name for himself and he soon started posting like a regular member.

McGee is the creator of the We Blame stosh group, which blames Bungie employee Stosh for any and all things.

While Sniper is the epitome of all awesome, sometimes he can come off as a bit cocky to other members. While we apologize, he says "-blam!- off and get that camera outta my face!" Again, we are dearly sorry.

Sniper McGee is currently dedicating his time to finding an extremely complex mathematical formula for determining the number of chins on the Fatch. Although calculating this may take generations, he is determined he will find the solution.

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Sniper McGee

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