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As his name implies, he's got a lot of free time. He claims to have been lurking the Bungie forums since 2003, and his extensive knowledge of notable events and users surely backs it up.

As a young lad, he credits his cousin for getting him hooked on Halo: Combat Evolved. Since the demonstration of Halo 2's gameplay at E3 2003, he lurked the Bungie forums for years until he finally made an account on December 14, 2010. During his lurking on the forums, he witnessed many events such as the creation of the Flood forum, the Twitch phenomenon, Kitchen 8, the Flood-Zanzibar war, and even watching the Day after Bungie Day unfold.

Smegley is an avid fan of Halo, but he also enjoys off-roading in his Jeep and his job at some two-bit local grocer for some reason. He is the current administrator of an off-site Facebook group aptly named "Floodbook" which is made up of various Floodians who came together in a massive picture thread. It is rumored that the previous admin from this group posted a picture of his dong on the group page and apparently turned over leadership to Smegley. The identity of the previous administrator is still uknown, but it is believed to be another member of the Flood who went insane.

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