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Th title-tombsgrave

Slender Man's Avatar Edit

Slender Man joined on August 6th, 2009. He is frequently found on The Flood Forum. He can usually be seen posting jokes, puns or innuendos in either troll, spam or discussion threads. Slender man first posted in the what is this 'slender man' thing?" thread, responding to where he got such large pants.

We are still gathering research on him, it is unclear what his real motives are...

Followers and impostors. Edit

Be wary of Impostors such as: thumb|300px|right|MarbleHornet's First video

  • "slender son"
  • "slender mom"
  • "slender god" or any other "slender" prefixed titles

Slender Man's followers include

  • Lt Sartor
  • Memphis blue 72
  • Jesusislives

Videos Edit

A Youtube a twitter user by the name of 'marblehornets' has posted videos about his former friend Alex, and it appears that Alex has been having encounters with slender man in the past.

Links Edit

Slender Man's Profile

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