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Skinny Genes's Coup Avatar

Skinny Gene's Coup Avatar History

After discovering Halo: Combat Evolved for the PC back in 2004, he decided to take a look around for further discussions about the game. Not thinking highly of it at the time, he didn't return to the website until the next year when he purchased Halo 2 for the Xbox. Soon after, he continued lurking the website for a year and a half before finally deciding to make his first account in 2007. As time went on, he realized just how idiotic his username really was, and felt the need to start again. Bouncing from account to account, he finally decided upon one username his friend suggested, and made his current account in early 2009.

Real LifeEdit

  • His hobbies include BMX racing and various forms of art.
  • He currently lives in Miami, Florida and is a full-time online student.
  • He seems to be a victim of insomnia, as most of his activity seems to be during the extreme hours of the morning in his area


  • He's had 4 different accounts, none of which he has used since his current's account creation.
  • He used to be a moderator for Coup D' Bungie, until v3 got shut down.
  • He's currently a head moderator in a small group called Tactical Division

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