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Basic InformationEdit

Sigma is a private group on dedicated for off-topic discussion of anything. It was founded on May 5, 2011 by M94 Mushroom Man, Han Tzu, and the sedated. Sigma has been, so far, largely successful, recieving more activity than many of the public forums, and the majority of other private groups. As of May 15th, there is a total of 72 members, making an average of 7 members joining per day.

Notable MembersEdit

M94 Mushroom Man- The leading founder of Sigma, and the only admin for the group.

Han Tzu- A founder for the group. He currently has the rank of Moderator.

the sedated- The 3rd founder for Sigma. He has the rank of Moderator, currently.

omg a bannana- One of the first members to join, other than the founders, and one of the most active.

ShadowReaper508- One of the last members to join so far, but is one of M94 Mushroom Man's best friends.

An7on- A recruiter.

MCMXCII- One of the main recruiters. He has recieved credit for the most recruitings so far.

NewmanNR- A Moderator, he helped revive the group in March of 2012.


Member- The default rank for Sigma, which you recieve upon joining. It only allows posting.

Bronze Member- A rank recieved after certain activity.

Silver Member- The rank above Bronze Member.

Gold Member- Two rnaks above Bronze Member.

Platinum Member- One of the highest ranks available.

Diamond Member- Given to only a select few.

Moderator- A moderator for Sigma, given to only a few trusted individuals.

Admin- The full control rank for Sigma, held by only M94 Mushroom Man.

There is at least one more rank, but its name and powers, and the requirements to recieve it, are currently unknown.

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