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ShiKai inline

Trivia Edit

Nickname: Shiek

Current Job: Tomfoolery Expert

Origin: Taipei, Taiwan

Eye Color: Alt-B Age: 30

Weight: 160 Height: 5'11 "

Girth: HB

First Job: Sandwich Artist

Hobby: Mazinger toys, 20th anniversary Soundwave, more reason(s) for existing

Ultimate Halo moment: The day I got hired to Bungie

Favorite Moment outside of Bungie: N/A

Mode of Transport: 1967 purple Mustang, that transforms into a Decepticon

Fake Weapon: Classified

Biography Edit

Been at the top of Tomfoolery since the days of the sky scrapers in Chicago, 1998. Has been in the games industry since college, but never got paid for it till he got into Bungie, oh the dreams of a young college kid ride so very high. He views the game industry much like a Mobeus strip, and so believes that things will come around eventually, like that faithful day where a friend's peon was destroyed in War Craft II. Started drawing at the tender age of 4, Shi Kai has never looked back, except for those years studying science and math, because we all know Asians are supposed to excel in them, and...BAM! Ching-Chong, Ching-Chong, Wing-tong, ting-tong Chink Power

Links Edit

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