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Shath0 is a two year member of, and an avid poster on the Flood. Started off on posting on the Halo 3 forum s and realised it was a pit of stupidity before migrating to The Flood.

A two year EVE player. Founder of the Flood EVE corp.

In real life.Edit

Shath0 was born on the 5th of July 1994 and has lived in 5 countries in that short time. He is a beginner at Pepakura, which is his new hobby for the 3 month long summer holidays. An avid Halo player, he mainly plays Social big team, which has lead to his skill level being neglected. Known to his friends as "That African guy". Please note, he is a South African. Not British. Get it right or may Zeus strike you down.


Shatho is actually the first 3 letters of his first and last name put together backwards.

Comes from football (soccer) loving countries, but despises the game.

Also, The game.

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