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Old user, hailing from around the end of 2003. Still active in The Bungie Jumpers, as well as having played in the bungie World of Warcraft Guild Pants run by Tyson Green (ferrex) with his friend Banshee Barron. He is notable for consistently posting thoughtful, usually altruistic and (from the mouths of those he knew) being an overall good guy, once you get around his love for the Dune novels, including those written by Frank Herbert's son. He now lives in New Mexico with his girlfriend after completing his college degree.

For any person who will ever read this, feel free to add your accounts as well, I'm afraid this is all I can say, even though I know there's a lot thats going unsaid. He's one of the good guys, or as close as you can get to that on an internet forum.

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Shai Hulud NOVA

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