Kyuun joined on 10.16.2008. At first, he wasn't very well noticed in the community and became an Absent Member until 6.06.2009. This time, he became a bit more active. When posting on the Bungie Website, Kyuun took his stay in the Halo 3 Forum or the Optimatch Forum.

Most of his "active" posts were to criticize other members who didn't believe in his ideals of Halo 3 as being balanced and that MLG was just fun. Slowly, he achieved the Honorable Member status and soon became Honorable Heroic.

Soon, he became a Noble Heroic Member and then soon after, he became a Noble Legendary Member. A few days after achieving the title, he became banned under a blanket ban and reverted back to a regular member.  Kyuun told his interviewer, "I appealed to Foman and he turned my 7 day ban into a 3 day ban." Sergeant Kyuun left Bungie for a week to wait for his ban to disappear. The day he got back, he posted once in the Member Titles thread and other users noticed he went from a regular member to an Intrepid Legendary Member. Some say that he jacked the title off of an Absent Member and put it on his own title. Today, Kyuun is now a Fabled Legendary Member, attaining the title on 3.27.2011 according to the Bnet Achievements website. His Bungie Birthday is on 10.16.2011. Kyuun states, "If I become a Mythic Member, holy -blam!-, everyone is going to be in a -blam!- trouble."

On July 16,2012, Kyuun became a Fabled Mythic Member.

Personal LifeEdit

There are a few things you need to know about Kyuun. Here are the facts retrieved from his facebook page.

  • His real name is Adrian.
  • Even though he's 100% Filipino, the most common misconception everyone has is he's either Chinese or Korean.
  • For the first seven years of his life, he never cut his hair. If you add that along with his child-like face and his name, many people thought he was a girl.
  • He's quiet, but smiles pretty pretty.
  • His favorite quote is: "The next statement is true. The last statement is false." and "100% of statistics are made up on the spot."
  • He's a college student deciding on either Nursing or Pharmaceuticals.
  • Has never gotten drunk.
  • Until recently, he has never gotten high until he went up some stairs where some apartment neighbors were smoking weed. He didn't smoke any, but he inhaled a big whiff trying to go up 20 floors.
  • The length of his manlihood is often discussed among many of the community. Only the one conclusion that it is very small has been drawn.
  • Has the physical physique of Hercules and the face of the Asian Adonis.

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