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Senor Leche is The New Chuck Norris

~ GhostSpaceFlier on Senor Leche
Senor Leche
Moderator leche
Ninja Overview
UserName Senor Leche
Current Title Forum Ninja
Member Since 29.November.2004
Ninja Since 2005
Group Count 9
XL Gamertag Unknown
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Moderator leche

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Left to right;Senor Leche, Achilles1108, Foman123, Recon Number 54, Shishka, Yoozel, Achronos. At PAX 2008


I has a helicopter!

Senor Leche, (aka Mr. Milk) is the manliest of all men, and even much more-so than any of the girl scouts that are the Forum Ninja. Some may even go so far as to say he's more manly than Shishka's mother. However, that remains to be tested. He was offered to be a Forum Ninja in 2005. Senor Leche is no longer a Forum Ninja.


  • Senor Leche sounds very manly over Xbox Live. All of his foes are frightened by his booming voice.
  • Senor Leche used to fly helicopters for the Navy.
  • Senor Leche was married in 2006 to Senora Leche.
  • Senor Leche saw the movie 300, and instead of growing chest hair, he increased that of the actor's.
  • Senor Leche always says, "good game" after every match in Halo 3.



Senor Leche's Bungie Profile

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