Secondary Protocol (SP) was funded on 06.07.2009 by Stralight, but recruiting did not start until July. wanting to make a group that made a difference, Stralight has consulted his friend for advice, he and him seek-ed out members to recruit, the first few days were rough, followed by colorful words via PM, they had given up. But, hope was not lost, Stralight was a determined little fella, he had researched the most efficient ways to recruit members. Over the course of 2 weeks the group has gathered over 500 members.

Taking an advice from an old friend, the leader thought it would be a good idea to move the group to an independent forums for the more general public, after around 2 weeks, the founder had realized he made a mistake and corrected himself by moving back to, restoring back activity on the group forums was no easy task, fortunately massive recruiting was taking place, numorous members have joined. This, however was only the begining. Getting them to remain active was another task, so daily polls, contests and prizes have taken place and it seemed to work, a Bungiepedia page has been created and many Youtube montages of the group have been conjured up.

Secondary Protocol holds it's place in a one unique group.

But then the group was hacked, and Secondary Protocol seemed to be doomed; SalmonWolf created Secondary Protocol V2, and the groups active (famous) members all joined the new group. These members would include Nero Valentine, UpgradeKeven, FlipTaco, SMGstrings (who still felt alot of guilt for letting a Stralight imposter conquer the group by mistake), Rill Da Best (The groups Uber Noober), WeeGeeSlave101, and some others.

It wasn't long before Secondary Protocol was handed back to the group by Achronos and the imposter perma-banned from the site, Secondary Protocol recovered and activity slowly restoring; the group itself is now on the border of unactivity and activity, and montages have slowed.

Stralight has since left the group, and has never returned.

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