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Motto Changes often. As of 8.30.11 it is "Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped."
Members 1147 (As of 26.01.2012)
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Sapphire was formed on 7.29.2010 by Valery. The group soon prospered and grew.

On 8.16.2010, Anderson Cooper formally stated that he was actually an alt of the user Harlow, the creator of Harlow's Royal Guard (HRG). HRG was at one time the most successful off topic group on, but it started to die out when Harlow left. Upon Harlow's return to the forum, he removed posting powers, and disallowed entry to Sapphire to a number of users that had caused HRG to become the cesspit that it was in its later life.

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