The -blam!-s I give are few and far between.

The facts.Edit

SH4D0W0733 have been an active member since 03.21.2009

He live in the cold north of swedem, which he mentions at every chance.

He downloaded Google chrome and coup + went through the registration process that confuse some users soo bad that they give up just to make his text invisible. Why? Because he was not impressed with all the threads de-railed by posts about coup.

He reffer to himself as if he were many every time he visit the flood due to an idea he had after much too little sleep.

Currently as of 2012-04-18 hold the title Fabled Legendary Member.

Currently as of 2012-04-18 hold the position of brewer in the Café where he use this power to troll and/or edit in the dates of the birthday thread.

Crowning moments of awesomeEdit

-With the mailsack question: What terrifying beast keeps the golden text of yours and others from gracing the flood with your presence more often? he managed to have DeeJ make this troll thread.

-Edited his own wiki page.

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