S1nester avatar

S1NESTER's current BNet avatar LifeEdit

Once a boy in the mist of no where..

Different AliasEdit

BeLo<3d, Nicest Guy Here, Snakie's Slave, StoshV2, & Mr. Papyrus

Snakie's SlaveEdit

One day Snakie & S1N were in the same party. The party leader left the party & gave the lobby to S1N. The party had too many people to do BTB, so S1N did what he wanted to do for a long time. He booted Snakie. The two meet up agaian & Snakie told S1N, "You are the most hated of Snakie."

Unfortunately for S1NESTER, Lord Snakie decided to play a joke on him with excellent outcomes for Snakie and an embarrassing outcome for S1NESTER. S1N demanded a rank-up in Lord Snakie's group, LIES. Snakie kept saying no, but S1N kept begging. Snakie finally gave in, and gave the rank-up... but not the way S1NESTER wanted. S1N's rank now reads "Snakie's Slave"

S1N found it funny, even if he now must roam around LIES with the rank of "Snakie's Slave". Snakie found it so funny, he even made a custom avatar for it that he hopes S1NESTER will use as his next Coup d'Bungie avatar.

Threads of InterestEdit

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BNET SuggestionsEdit

Suggestion: Auto-Move Locked Threads To Next Page?

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Possible Ways To Bring Back the HumpDays.

No Report Feature In Groups?


One nation, under God I Science has its limits - God is limitless

Gamertag Edit

Nicest Guy Here

Groups Edit


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