RoundedHalo's infamous 'Dancing Furry Girls' coup picture.

RoundedHalo is a member of the website

He is the founder of 'Furries of the Flood', a group as the name suggests, a Furry group. When either being awesome or stupid, he always finds a way to get banned. Er-...

His coups tend to variate from Furries, LotR, Gorillaz, and random .gifs. Nothing comes close to how much he can irritate people who do not like him, and he tends to never be helpful in a thread asking for it.

A quote from a thread named, "There is a hooker in my house". Topic Creator: "Help, there is a dead hooker on my bed."

RoundedHalo: "Minerva is in your house?"

RoundedHalo is known to be bisexual, and a Furry, and is for the most part, not liked for it. When he isn't on Furries of the Flood, he is frequenting Eros, the re-named KoC group. He is also a member of the group of people that almost always appear in the same threads together, a group dubbed, "The Coup Crew."

He also has a hardcore mancrush on Vrilliant.

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