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Who get involved in what? If we're talking about the sex we had last night, that's a story for the camp fire. No means no silly. Just once? Nope. I'm saving myself for marriage. Maybe this could work out? I mean I love you! Sorry hon, your not my type. You can be Romeo and I can be Juliet. Two people from two feuding groups that love each other. Wait, doesn't that mean that we'd both die in the end? It'll be worth it. I'm sorry I had to ban you. They can't know about our intense love for each other. I have no problem with NFC mi amor. I just want our friends to stop fighting. I have no problem with TFA, I'm just fighting for the lulz. And I get bored easy. Nero- Second the motion of bordum. Let's try and negotiate peace between the two groups? I don't think that will happen. And also we just kicked Invader from the group, I'm curious if he says anything. Also this is CHOASAGENT if you guys wanted to know. Where you messing with mine as well? I was messing with all TFA wikis. I get extremely bored at night. I am Nero, so I think it was you. You are fighting a half insane person. I wish you luck' You're fighting a 3/4 insane person. I wish you more luck. I think I am more than Half insane, but I dont think about it much for fear of becoming a hamfish If you know you're insane than you're not insane. Does that mean we are both mentally stable? You can know when you are half insane, but not when you are fully insane But wouldn't it only be a thought that you're insane and not certainty? I know I am half insane, or at least going there. I dont mind it though, screw humans and their normal ways Agreed, normal humans are boring. Nah, I just dont like humanity any more For enemies we have a lot in common. True. Friends? I am only doing most of this so I dont have to do homework. WTF happened here? To the Friends part, yes. To the WTF part, enemies became friends. I think the insanity explains that, and sorry for using your wiki as a chat rooster. You got xbox live? It's cool guys. and yes I do. Pfft Xbox. Everyone knows PC is better. /PCelitist


So, you got an xbox or no? Rooster, GT is Nero Lord

I sold it not to long ago. I got bored of it.

Ok, damn. Well Ill see you on then Ill be haning in coup d bungie most of the time

Alright, Cya. I guess we should delete this chat...

We should but I have to go do homework/bs a language I dont need

Comrade, that is just plain mean

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