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Trivia Edit

Nickname: harangue-utan

Current Job: I concoct lies.

Origin: Indiana, USA

Blood Type: thick and chunky

Age: 39

Weight: 190 pounds

Height: 6'

Girth: Hearty

First Job: store room staff, Toys 'R Us

Hobby: Writing, shooting, and changing diapers.

Favorite Game: X-COM: UFO Defense

Ultimate Snack: Bopis

Favorite Movie: (picked randomly from his ten favorite movies) - Tonari no Totoro

Weapon of Choice: Heckler & Koch MP5SD

Biography Edit

"If I told you I'd have to kill you... in fact, I think I'll just kill you anyway."

Rob McLees is Bungie's resident gun nut, knowing all there is to know about guns. He spent much time on the Halo Assault Rifle, making sure that there was enough room for the bolt to realistically travel. Also, he was part of the Bungie team that went to see how weapons actually sounded or worked for the guns in the Halo games. His imaginary weapon - which is actually real - is the Heckler and Kotch mp5 SD. It should also be noted that after Halo was released, Robt remarked how much the FN F2000 assault rifle looked like that of the assault rifle in Halo.

During the development of Halo 3, Robert McLees asked brother-in-law William D. Haug for any shell casings; since William Haug worked for the military. These were 12.5mm casings which were used in the Believe Trailer.

Links Edit - Meet the Team

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