Rienstien is the Flood Brother to Mudcat09.

He has many accomplishments, some of them being the protector of the weak, the savior of the Galaxy (this has happened many times), Stone wall rienstien, The great emancipator, and many more.

He was found among the reeds as a full bearded child, he kicked the ass of the evil robot pharoah and helped all of the Spartan super soldiers flee Egypt. He is credited with writing most of shakespeares plays, and with single handedly stopping the black plague.

Women want him, and men want to be him.

His most famous action, however, is riding a dragon into the battle of Stalingrad and burning most, if not all, Nazi soldiers, and at the same time creating heat for the thousands of families trapped inside the ruined city. He then rode the dragon all the way to Berlin, and helped Hulk Hogan take down Adolf Hitler. He was then awarded the American Medal of Rienstien, which was given to only one person ever in history.

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