Reptilian Rob's current Avatar

Reptilian Rob's current Avatar.

Reptilian Rob is a mythic member on the forums and an avid Halo player. He is best known for his "Halo-Mega collection" in which he has accumulated vast amounts of Halo and Bungie swag over a period of three years. The cost of said collection had been confirmed to be $1200. Pictures of his Mega-collection can be viewed here

On the forums Rob is best known for helping out other members and working on community project such as his "Halo-Comics", where Halo campaign screenshots are taken and converted into comics depicting various UNSC engagements. Rob's most visited forums are the "Community", "Bungie General" and "The Flood" where he is the only known member to actually like the band "DragonForce". While forum browsing he is usually trying to concoct witty yet ultimately unsuccessful jokes.

Reptilian Rob is also the co-founder of one of the most active groups, TRC (The Real Community). He later went on to create his own exclusive group, "Project ARCADIA". Group membership is extremely well monitored and many people are turned away, and what goes on in the group is up for debate.

Off the forums Reptilian Rob is a student at UCSD, majoring in cosmology. He spends most of his time either studying or caring for his many Reptiles and Salt Water fish. It is a well known fact that he has visited the ER more than any other member, a record 36 times. This is due to him caring for two of the San Diego Zoo's Wagler's Pit Vipers, which have attacked him various times. Despite this he enjoys them very much, even giving them names, "Roxy" and "Typhoon".

He is also obsessed with the Spartan Laser. He is known to be one of the top ten Spartan Laser wielders on, accumulating well of one thousand combined Laser kills.

Reptilian Rob also claims to be very sexy, having blond surf hair and a mesmerizing face, this has yet to be confirmed however.

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