"I'm so HM02".
-Relyks' Current Status

Overview Edit

Relyks became active as a Forum Mentor along with Gofund as the first Mentors inducted in the year 2016, on March 31, 2016.

Beginnings Edit

Relyks has always been an avid player of anything Bungie-related. His realization that Bungie actually had a forum came when behan inquiring how to get the blue flame helmet effect for Halo: Reach. He remained more or less dormant until Bungie's evolution to

Life in Edit

As Destiny chugged along, Relyks noticed that #Help was an area of the forums that was in constantly in need, and Mentors were ready to guide in the right direction.

Aspiring to become a Mentor, he avidly helped out in #Help, only to realize that the joy and drive in #Helping was ultimately derived by giving the guidance itself, not the status.

Activity Edit

When not in #Help or Creations, Relyks usually enjoys casual chats in the groups. Relyks usually makes a Poll of the Week in #Offtopic regarding random things. All posts usually go under his own custom subtag #BackwardsisForwards

He is the founder of the group Party Couch and plays administrative roles on both Party Couch and Community Carnage.  

Relyks' current avatar is a gif of 343 Guilty Spark who sports a mustache and monocle and was made and desgined by Index

Main Groups Edit

  • A R D E N T
  • Art and Stuff
  • Community Carnage
  • Dead Mans Hand
  • Faith
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Party Couch
  • The Fashion Show
  • The Welcoming Committee

Trivia Edit

  • RelyksZv's username has meaning. "Relyks" is his first name backwards, while "Zv" are his middle and last initials, respectively.
  • He is an avid fan of DC Comics, specifically Green Lantern.
  • Relyks also loves Red vs Blue and RBWY.
  • Relyks also follows Roosterteeth, Achievement Hunter, and Funhaus closely.
  • Other than Destiny, his current videogames include For Honor, Stardew Valley, Overwatch, Mount & Blade, and anything Bethesda.

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