Recon's current Avatar.

Real Life Edit

Name: Tyler

Age: 16


Favourite games: Halo, Halo2, Halo3, Fable.

Hobbies/Career: Halo and drawing.

Dreams and aspirations: To know the tender embrace of man on man love with recon.

Avatar: A snake. As he used to have many snakes as pets. LifeEdit

He came to Bungie during the Halo 2 days but only read the updates. On 2/16/2008 he joined and watched the Halo 3 forum. A lot. Now after seeing the same threads over and over he hides out in the community forum. You can also thank Recon for Mr_Hand's avatar.


Recon loves playin MLG and Team snipers. He hates the AR with a passion. He thinks that if Halo3 had Halo2's BR and no AR it would be the greatest game ever.


FB LionSide



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