Account CreationEdit

Reaper gs3 made his account in 2007, and promptly forgot that it existed for almost two years. After signing in while extremely bored one day he found himself a home on the Flood forum, after posting a joke thread which poked a bit of harmless fun at the Call of Duty community.

Origin of thread entranceEdit

Around late January Reaper gs3 posted in a thread where he was challenged to come up with an impressive entrance, his response was '*Rappels through window.*' Afterwards he began to type '*Rappels through window*' at the top of most of his posts. He has since become much more recognized and has developed a banter of sorts with certain users. One of the jokes he often makes is to type '*Dives out of thread*' or '*Dives out window*' at the end of his post when he thinks a thread will erupt into a flame-war.


He was formerly a 'Noble Heroic Member' before he was banned for creating a parody thread.

He often makes 'Resident Evil' referances.

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