The History of Ready Up Live Edit

Ready Up Live (RUL for short) was launched on August 26, 2007 as a fun Xbox community project. The site gained popularity among the crowd and continued to grow. This was helped by appearances on the frontpage of and an interview with Greenskull, RUL's creator, on Inside Xbox for Canadians.

On February 24, 2009, Bungie linked to a contest Ready Up Live was holding: A Mythic Map Pack giveaway before it was released (link to Bungie Blog post). Halo fans went wild and temporarily crashed the site in the process. The thread on RUL was the largest in history, with 138 pages and 1375 posts. During that time there was a peak of 856 users online at once. After this excitement, RUL hosted another Mythic contest (link) that received 1054 entries.

Since then, Ready Up Live has graced the frontpage of for many things, including Bungie Favorites and Machinima.

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