reach17 is a member at His forum avatar is a blue and white atom superimposed on a grey radiation hazard symbol.


reach17's forum avatar/player emblem

NOTE: This article erroneously capitalizes the "R" in reach17.


reach17, known in real life as Branden Reachard, joined on May 31, 2008. He currently holds the member title "Intrepid Mythic Member ." Curious only about how online stats for Halo 3 worked, he soon discovered the Halo 3 Forum and started posting there. It wasn't long before he found The Flood forum and joined it as well. He now regularly posts in The Flood and the Bungie Community Forum.


reach17 is a member of numerous groups, but is most active in DO NOT JOIN THIS GROUP and The Group of Awesome . He recently joined the new group Electric Cat Butts , created by Yax.

Halo StatsEdit

Halo 2Edit

reach17 only participated in two games of Halo 2 over Xbox Live.

Halo 3Edit

reach17 currently holds the global rank of Major, Grade 3 in Halo 3 matchmaking. His highest skill is 32 and he has 620 EXP. He has a ranked Kill/Death ratio of 0.94 and a social K/D ratio of 0.96.

His service tag is R17, matching his gamertag. His current player model is a Spartan with the Security helmet, Katana chestpiece, and Recon shoulders.

reach17 has not played Halo 3 multiplayer since July 25, 2010.

Halo 3: ODSTEdit

reach17's highest score in Firefight is 682,783. This score was achieved during his successful attempt at unlocking the Vidmaster: Endure achievement. He unlocked this with players Shaufput, magooney, and Fs XAdvocate42.

His service tag is RCH1. In the game lobby, this goes along with his avatar to form RCH17. His current player model is Sergeant Johnson.

Halo: Reach Multiplayer BetaEdit

During the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta, reach17 obtained the rank of Sergeant Grade 1. He participated in 13 games of Invasion, 14 Arena gametypes, and 43 standard matchmaking games.

His service tag is RCH1.

Halo: ReachEdit


reach17 made a slight modification to a script made by Dazarobbo. The script, designed to allow users to see where banned users had posted, was edited to give the banned user a title bar, replacing their username with "Banned User" and their title with "Dishonorable Blacklisted Memeber." Underneath the title bar, the usual "Moderator Notice" is seen.


  • Though reach17 has recieved two warnings from's Forum Ninjas, he has yet to receive a ban from one of them.
  • reach17 makes an average of 8 posts per day.
  • A little over 25% of reach17's posts are made in The Flood.
  • It should be noted that despite his username/gamertag, they have no relation whatsoever to Halo: Reach.
  • The username reach17 is a combination of the first half of his last name and his age at the time of it's creation.

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