Rahm is a relatively unimportant but very sexy member of the Flood.


Rahm joined in 2009 for reasons uknown to himself. That's normally how things in his life go. It's fucking crazy. But anyway, he started out as an absolute douchebag, again for reasons unkown to himself. A while later he realized that being a fuckhead douchebag asshole prick won't get you anywhere in life, so he decided to let his true colors show by open-minded, helpful, and light hearted. And so began the legend of Rahm Emanuel, King of the Idiots. Yeah, he's an idiot. A stupid idiot, in fact. And he likes it that way.


Teh FludzEdit

Rahm has never posted anywhere except the Flood, for reasons unkown to himself. He has made friends with quite a few users, and even married The Lost Gamertag. The two have been having marital issues, but arguments usually end in passioante makeup sex and a picnic. Rahm wants to be crowned Stupidest Man, but he has not won any awards yet.

IRL DoodzEdit

Rahm was born in Stock Island, Florida, and raised in Key West and Homosassa, Florida, where he learned to fish, boat, and sail from his parents. He currently lives on Saint Simons Island, Georgia. He is a Varsity swimmer and still enjoys fishing, boating, and sailing as well as diving and spearfishing. Rahm is incredibly tractable, which results in him doing stuipd things for his friends very, very, very, very, VEEEEEERY often. He participates in Thong Thursday.

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