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Planet Reach
Group Overview
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Motto This is the place to discuss all things Reach.
Members 208 (As of March 23rd, 2010)
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Planet Reach on

Planet Reach is an open Chapter on It is currently the largest and most active group about Halo: Reach on It was created by Exalted Legendary member xmixmasterx on the June 1st, 2009. On the front page you are greated by the description "This is the place to discuss all things Reach." and the motto "The planet was just the beginning." to signify the range of conversations surrounding the upcoming game. One of the first articles submitted to the group dealt with the literal galactic details of the planet.

Members are encouraged to be friendly and intelligent when they contribute to the group.Planet Reach features a system, where if a member contributes well to the community, they become a "Arbiter".

Arbiters Edit

September 2009- Cerberous226

October 2009- Iron Rust Bucket

November 2009- Mooreiuz V

December 2009- Gdude

January 2010- N/A

February 2010- Lozza

March 2010 - Ascreamingpotato

April 2010 - MasterStevo16

May 2010 - Halo: Reach Beta

June 2010 - Iron Rust Bucket

July 2010 - Lozza

August 2010 - Cerberous226

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