Pimps at Sea
Group Overview
Founded 2004
Admin Prometheus25
Motto YaarrRPG!
Members 70
Clan Tag None
Group Link


This group is dedicated to the Pimps At Sea RPG project, created by SS_Zag1, Prometheus25, and Ash55 using RPG Maker. Pimps At Sea RPG is a game based on Bungie's April Fool's joke, Pimps At Sea. The game portrays many Bungie Employees and members using the elements of a fun-filled RPG. Responses from the community have been phenomenal, and the game itself is quite humorous. When SS_Zag1 posted the first version of the game, it was immediately turned into a pinned topic by the moderators, who found it to be worthy. The project is currently at Version 8, and it is unknown whether more progression will be made.


This group contains all versions of the RPG, as well as updates and news stories related to it.


Pimps At Sea RPG Group Homepage
Pimps At Sea RPG Version 8
RPG Maker (required to play PaS RPG)

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