Phoenix1330's Halo 3: ODST emblem

Phoenix1330(Coup DuracellDurrell) is a frequent poster in the Flood. While she doesn't typically post in a large number of topics, she is known for creating well maintained threads about rather controversial topics or world events. She is an Fabled Mythic Member, and takes her topics seriously, rarely posting 'joke threads'.

She is a proud Canadian, and is not afraid to make people know it, however, she is open to other's opinions about countries, but can not tolerate idiotic claims about her homeland, proudly boasting 'We do NOT live in igloos'

By nature of being a lesbian transwoman, she lies pretty far down the left and is a huge promoter of equality.

In the days of the Halo: Reach Beta, she, along with Hylebos, developed a large thread about their displeasure with the Mute Ban. The well over 3000 post long thread was locked repeatedly by Ninjas, and was successfully appealed to unlock it. The result of the thread completely changed the manner in which the mute ban worked, taking the power out of the players hands and into automated banhammer monitoring.

During the events of the Arab Uprising, Phoenix1330 took it upon herself to keep members of the Flood updated on current events, even managing to get authorization to bump a thread without penalty, as to keep the thread alive. After 2 days it was one of the Flood's top forum topics it was regularily updated by Phoenix1330 and some dedicated thread readers; Dynex881, Mereel N7, and ExquisiteDragon. The thread closed on Oct 24, 2011 the day after the Liberation of Libya was declared. It lasted 199 pages and 4954 posts.

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