A never-used logo for the Phoenix project. Courtesy of

The Phoenix Project, also known as Breach or TTFKAM2, was the working title of an abandoned project by Bungie Software. The game was speculated to be a strategy game in a fantasy setting. The project was cancelled in 2002 for unknown reasons, but most likely was due to Bungie's decision to develop Halo games for the XBox instead.

History Edit

Fans first suspected the project's existence in 1999, when Bungie made a reference to "the team formerly known as Myth II", implying that the team still existed and therefore still had a project to work on. This comment was the source of the fan nickname "TTFKAM2".

External links Edit

  • Mystery Project, a set of eight paintings by Craig Mullins. Based on the subject matter and the use of the name "Breach" in the filenames, some fans have speculated that the paintings may have originally been part of the Phoenix project.
  • Roll the Dice, an editorial by John Tynes that talks briefly about Phoenix.

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