Ph33r Th3R3aper's Current Coup

Ph33r Th3R3aper is an active member of the Flood forum. He is arguably the most active member, spending in excess of 10 hours a week on it. He is loved by some of the Flood, but is hated by even more.

History Edit

Joining on 2.24.2009 (The same day as his friend Darcsyde) he came to the bungie forums to get "the screw" next to his name.

He wound up in the Halo 3 Forum, where his first thread was about the pronunciation of the plural of Mongoose.

He was soon re-directed to the Flood, and has been a very active member since about 5/09.

He received his first ban for flaming, whereas he was raging at a meme he thought was serious.

Coup Edit

Ph33r is also somewhat known for his random coups, which he changes on a whim.

His current coup is featured, and his current title is:
Spends way too much time here

Friends and extras Edit

Since falling into the Flood, Ph33r has made many friends there, the most important being Adro99, now known as Mujisama.

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