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The user on this page is a Forum Ninja, for details on 'Ninjas' and for an official FAQ click here.

Moderator pezza new
Ninja Overview
UserName Pezz
Current Title Forum Ninja
Member Since 9.July.2004
Ninja Since 2006
Group Count 3
XL Gamertag Unknown
Profile Link


Pezza has been a member since 7/9/2004 and a Ninja since March 2006. Pezza is an Australian, and as such, is known to keep odd hours on the forums.

Pezza, prior to his promotion to Forum Ninja, was often accused of being power hungry, with his involvement in the oft-resurrected Bungie Council idea, though was a self-described troll.

Later, after his promotion, Pezza was occasionally accused of being power drunk, occasionally being seen to be handing out apparantly needless warnings and blacklistings. However, all parties agree that he carried out his duties with commendable, if misplaced, enthusiasm.[citation needed] From 2006 to 2007 he heavily moderated The Flood in an attempt to wipe out the hegemonic Floodian culture, which he percieved as "exclusionist".
Moderator pezza new

Pezza's Current Avatar

While he never completely destroyed the Floodian class, the iconic members all disappeared during this time and this event partly gave birth to the disclocated Floodian groups such as New Flood and Teh L9.
Moderator pezza

Pezza's Old Ninja Avatar

Pezza had his account hijacked on the 8th of July, 2007, where the forums were raided, stickies deleted and users banned. This event came to be known as The Day After Bungie Day (DAB Day). Following this event he re-emerged as Pezz, a new account and became, as described by Pezza: "Forever alienated from the current community. I identify with only those I knew from my time on the forum: The Bungie Jumpers; The Frozen Minority and HFCS. I'm on the outside now, if you didn't know me then, you'll never know me now."

He now appears as a partly visible moderator presence, posting frequently in The Flood, Community Forum and offsite private groups, his duties detatched from his forum persona with most work done behind the scenes or through training newer moderators. His posts are rarely serious and often stalked by Rampancy. Pezza is no longer a Forum Ninja.



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