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Paul Russel, 2010


Paul Russel (Doctor Abominable)

Trivia Edit

Nickname: Paul Russel

Current Job: President of the United States (Deceased) Origin: The Moon

Blood Type: Red Age: Zombie

Weight: Heavy enough to bend light Height: Tall enough to ride a rollercoaster

Girth: Michelin

First Job: The President of the United States

Hobby: Sleep

Snack: Kittens

Mode of Transport: Legs

Gorgonzola A Unicycle

Waffles Perhaps it is a horse.

Biography Edit

"I was born on the moon but didn't materialize until 1967 in Chicago. I stayed there until I was soft and ripe. I was then picked from the middlemost branch and shipped to Washington state. Now I am soft and moldy, but delicious nonetheless."

Rant Edit

Where are my pants?!?

Links Edit

Paul Russel's Myspace

Paul Russel's Blog - Meet the Team

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