PJBUCK is a promenet member of you should do well to lear more about him, as those who are less intune wilth him might not avoid his wrath,   many members have been vocal  aout their dislike of his posts, caling a simple troll, or newfag. this couldnt be farther from the truth. step into the hall of PJ


walk on home boy


hah, a life outside of bungie, thats blasphamey. PJ has been known to frequient the western half of MA, in a small vallwy. in all Excel classes, he is a very smart individual, not as as bungie persona would lead you to belive. mostly headbanging in his bedroom, he does little outside of xbox or the computer. But he is althetic, being on his baseball team, and having the highest OBP in the leauge. he frequently flashes greatness.


a vey cosistent member, PJ gets at least five poasts a day. athough not as highley praised in the comunity, he is a vital part. he started lurking around the fall of zanzibar, the amounts of trolls kept him away. maning up, he joined in mid 08.  he freqent the Halo 3 board, posting spainingly, learning, wating.  he made the movie to the Flood early 09, and hasnt turned back since. he frewquently apears on the most hated flood members, and always loves it. he is outspoken in the daily metal sucks threads. a ouspoken metalhead, he has spoken in many a debate.  he is, contrary to poular belief well informed, and posts many intelegent coments

Gaming Edit

he is pretty good at halo. getting the xbox for halo, he turned quickly into a god at it. his rank doesnt show it, but his is in the top 5% of skill in halo 3 online players. he frequently chills with his general friends, taking crap for his ranks, and generally owning

Facts Edit

  • loves metallica
  • loves avenged sevenfold
  • all exel classes
  • is above being in groups he is in coup for its benifits, but flies solo


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