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A Man Edit

Otterlover77, henceforth to be refered to as "Otter", is a man of many talents, including but not limited to the ability to spell, expert skills in lightsaber combat, capability to play various instruments, and suck at video games. Handsome and modest, this amazing man enjoys playing most any video game out there, from Viva Pinata to Guitar Hero to Halo 3.

He also enjoys music. Almost anything is alright for him, except rap or country. He is most well known for his love of folk music (bands including Beirut and Neutral Milk Hotel [who is not really a folk band, but I'm counting it] and the Decemberists [again, not a folk band, but they were at a folk festival, so...]). He listens to this music as often as possible, especially Beirut. He also enjoys listening to Daft Punk, but that's mostly just blaring it in the car to seem tough as he drives through the dangerous streets of [insert Otter's home town here].

A Plan Edit

Otterlover77 is also the leader of a surprisingly successful and amazing group of amazing people named The Circle. An exclusive group, The Circle, or tC, is full of many of the most intelligent and well mannered people on The Flood. While currently only having about 20 some odd people, it is a very active bunch, with an emblem, a couple of flags, and a neat motto. The group is still hunting for more people, although it is doubtful that they will ever arrive, since most everyone left on the Flood is a moron, or too cool to join a group with less than 30 mythic members. However, we don't want them in the group anyway, because they're all silly.

A Canal Edit

Otter lives and works on a golf course somewhere in the depths of Pennsylvania, which he aspires to one day burn to the ground. He enjoys reading strange books that deal with trees and rape, and he also enjoys playing video games, as said before. He hopes to eventually live to see the day that he graduates from college, although with his luck, this is rather unlikely.

Panama Edit

Otter has never been to Panama, and he never plans on going there. Although he does plan to move to Britain when he gets older, because it's such a boss place.


Otter has many friends on the Flood, most of them being in tC. However, there are a few that stand out:

phantompop: Lover

Sub Zer0Stryker and Evanesca: Best Floodian friends

Doc Bacon: Person with the best taste in TV shows ever

All the others are extremely high up on the totem pole of love, but those four just stand out.

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