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After a short stent on The Flood, he was once quoted saying, "I don't know why everyone hates Harlow, I don't even notice him much of the time." He then PM'd me a private group called, Harlows Royal Guard. The contents of that PM were rather sexual, so I won't share the messages publicily ;). One Epic Phail didn't post right away in HRG, till he was ultrabanned from The Flood. Then he started to post regularly in HRG, which was met with some rather unusual hostility. Children over the internet always seem to take this shit rather seriously. After many shit storms between him and one CoffeeBlackMetal, he decided to break off and create a group named Prayer of The Refugee. It was a rather successful group for the short amount of time it was in existance. Then Harlow decided to make Sapphire, where one OEP wasn't allowed. He was listed as a cat 2 faggot, therefore wasn't allowed entry. After a few naughty PM's to one Phillip J. Harlow, OEP's charisma finally broke him. Then was allowed into Sapphire, was never really the same from his HRG days. He hasn't really become the big personality on Sapphire like he was in HRG, but he is happily snuggled in between Harlows nuts for the ride.

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