The History of ODST recon Edit

ODST Recon was founded on 8.26.2005 by Red Sox RULE ALL, however it must be noted that Red Sox is no longer an active member of the group. The following accounts are from Mediocresnipers' "The History of ODST Recon" thread in the ODST Recon forums. The accounts are in the first person.

Tru7h and Reconciliation Edit

A story about ODST Recon cannot begin without talking about Tru7h and Reconciliation.

Mediocresniper was posting on the main forums one day, when he was private messaged with containing this advertisement:

Posted by: Ranger_117 Hi, I've seen that you are very active in the Bungie forums and that you provide good input. I'm looking for good people like you to join my group, Tru7h and Reconciliation. We have an active forum, weekly MSN conversations, an online tournament in the works, and a filled information database. The group itself is only a few weeks old, but it's doing much better than anticipated with over 200 members already! I must warn you, though, please DO NOT join this group if you will not participate or be active within it. I'm looking for members who will stay active within the group! Hope to see you there!

Join Tru7h and Reconciliation!

Make sure that you pm me if you wish to join.

Mediocresniper was flattered by this message and joined the group immediately. he started posting, and became more and more addicted to the whole concept of chapters. Mediocresniper regarded like a, something which he found intriguing. The fact that he could actually get promoted to moderator status in a group with over 200 members was an idea which immediately had him enticed.

The Beginning of ODST Recon Edit

During Medio's to gain a promotion in Tru7h and Reconciliation, he had contacted many of the moderators for advice on how to achive such a position. One of the mods, Red Sox RULE ALL was helpful in particular.

Red Sox RULE ALL and Medio met on MSN messenger, and they got to know each other. Red Sox was the most trusted moderator of Tru7h and Reconciliation.

Red Sox invited Medio to a group. The group was called ODST Recon, and he joined. Medio didn’t really think much about it, because the group only had three members at the time. Medio accepted the invitation and began recruiting members.

The group grew to 50 members rapidly, however only Medio and Red Sox were posting.

The First Sparks of Activity Edit

Medio and Red Sox were distressed by this, however Red Sox had an idea. The idea was an RPG thread, ODST Recons first. The idea was taken from UNSC Ground Battalion (allied to Tru7h and Reconciliation). The thread increased activity in the group dramaticaly and many more members joined, some of ODST Recons classic and most dedicated members joined during the time.

The forum hack Edit

One day, Medio was signing into bungie for another day of posting in ODST Recon. He clicked on the group forums and was presented with an error message. He had members messaging me about it, so he knew that I wasn’t the only one experiencing this problem. The reality sunk in, and ODST Recon's forums were down.

Red Sox messaged Achronos for help, and another group was created as back-up. The group did ok, gaining about 50-ish members, but it wasn’t the same as ODST Recon. Eventually, our forums were fixed.

The damage had been done, though. With several weeks off, the ODST Recon forums were now dead. Many of the active members weren’t around anymore, and we had to start from scratch.

Recovery Edit

As the ODST forums were dead, the whole recruiting process had to start again. It took several weeks to gain the same levels of activity but then the group grew, and kept on growing reaching the 1000 member mark,

The ODST Factions Edit

As ODST grew larger, Medio and Red Sox decided to create ODST sub-factions, essentaily sub-groups of ODST Recon. Moderators would be given factions to administrate. An ODST Recon clan was made, it's home was ODST 1st battalion.

Anarchy Edit

I stopped posting in ODST Recon, and Red Sox seemed to leave as well. I was demoted to basic member status, again (I was called a “hell-jumper” now). I wasn’t here for this section of ODST Recon’s history, but I do know that there was much passing of leadership. It seems like five different moderators possessed leadership powers of the group at some point. There were many futile attempts made by the remaining leaders to restore activity, but none of them quite succeeded.

Many of those moderators just left, and the group entered an “ice age”. Looking over the ODST Recon High Command forums, I see that there had been constant arguing between the staff, with little helpful action on the group. They all bashed me for leaving ODST Recon. I was the one to blame for the lack of life in the group. There would literally be weeks where no-one in the group would post at all, and every post was made with the tone of "this place is dead." There were also a couple brief surges of activity, and a few other events (video contests, motto contests etc.). The factions were closed, a sad day in the group history, and much of their information was moved to ODST Recon.

I came back one day, and saw the group in a terrible position. I remembered the good memories of the golden age, when ODST Recon was the place to be in the seventh column, and I felt an instant desire to bring that back to the group. Gutstheberserker gave me my top rank back, and I made my official re-entry to the group.

The Rebirth Edit

In March of 2007, I got back to work in ODST Recon. I had learned much since I had left the group, and was determined not to make the same mistakes or let it slip again. I started by recruiting members and trying to get activity, and it was successful. Within a week, I had the group back and functioning properly.

Bungie was getting ready to do a site overhaul, something which pissed me off. It would be like our forums getting hacked all over again, the groups would be off-line for a while, and I knew that it would affect activity.

The month or so went by, and I was surprised one day to find that the groups were back. I got back to working my ass off, and ODST Recon flourished again

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