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Motto Official sponsors of the Ion Cannon. There is still time to repent your sins to its blue laser.
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ODST 4th Battalion (O4B) was founded on July 17, 2008 by user Froses. Although founded by Froses, it was created under the direction of Peterson4, who had recently been banned and was unable to make the group himself. Since Peterson found himself not having enough time to manage the group by himself, he soon turned over full control to Toastus, but he remained as a mod. As the group grew, so did the activity that filled its forum, as many RPG's, Fan-fics, and Forum games emerged. By the end of the Summer, O4B had become quite large, having over 500 members, and to this day it continues to grow both in terms of numbers and as an overall great experience. It is one of the most active groups on

Da History, foo

On July 17, 2008, O4B was created. Led by PETERSON4 and Froses, the group quickly expanded, gaining some of it's most well know members such as FatherBucky and Toastus. As stated above, leadership of the group was transfered to Toastus after Peterson decided he did not have enough time to run it all. Debates over countless topics rapidly emerged in the forums, from power weapons to Bungie's canceled announcement. The 26th member then joined. Oh god he is a marvell, the only mistake our most holy God ever made. Wanting the group to expand, he quickly jumped into forums, trying to reply in active threads and recruit at the same time. (moar of him later).

Soon, a much larger group, offered an alliance. We debated about whether it would help, or destroy the clan. Later on, when we had about 100 members, we challenged, by the ODST Tactical Command, AKA: Tactisuck the clan that had offered alliance. It was probobly thw worst clan match in all history. Game 1 was lagge as hell, and about 3 of our teams players were booted by the party leader (who was on the other team) because he hadn't been prepared like a good clan leader, and only had like, 4 guys. Grimick was first to get booted, and of course he was accused of "deserting" but when all the other players had been booted, our team ended up realizing we hadn't actually quit. Regaurdless we lost the next two games miserably. The Humpday however soon turned sour, and an excessive amount of trash talk ensued

Soon, Squads were formed, each led by an active member and a map of the squad's world was created by Plain Ben, yet sadly, neither was ever fully utilized and for some reason, even though they made the clan more fun and exiting, they were delited.... At the end of July, Plain Ben was made the first Member of the Month (which helped him become moderator later on). . Over time, many new mods came to power while one of the first, Cheeto666, was stripped of his mod status. Among these were Mindlessidiots, HammeredTurnip, and ImWhiteYouLose, . A few weeks in, the cookie system was implemented, which gave prizes to members who had achieved particularly amusing or amazing tasks. But all was not well, for a new member known as ImTheRealTask, began to spam the group unmercifully. After an intelligible conversation with O4B's higher-ups, ImTheRealTask began using his spamming powers for good, earning him the title "Faithful Spammer".

In August, Hammered Turnip was awarded the Member of the month award due to his outstandig activity in the forum. Later in August Fi Fatal Sniper, leader of Legends of Sniping, joined the group. As a token of good will, he ordered everyone in Legends of Sniping (Legends of Sniping, with 300 members, was dead) to join O4B, causing a surplus of members. Over the course of September, many became wary of Peterson4, due to what they called "An abuse of powers", and went so far as to ask Toastus to ban him. Froses called this movement a rebellion intent on anarchy and threatened to ban anyone involved. In the end, the hard feelings faded away, and Peterson was demoted from Duper-mod status to a regular mod to Duper mod again.

Bloody Thursday was a spam night that happened on 10/30/08. PETERSON's, Toasty's, and Froses's reposted IM conversation (which considered raping Tammy) lit a spark that threw the group into chaos. Sexist jokes and Show Me Your Genitals were yelled. Biggest spam night O4B ever had.

Later on, during O4B's first Humpday with ODST Expeditionairy Force, which O4B won handily, Task took things too far, insulting all OEF members who participated and saying that they used "Unfair" tactics in what was just a friendly match.

In February, the Battalion hosted Bungie Favorites, although PETERSON4 made some questionable decisions as to what content was chosen. At the end of the month, PETERSON4 once again made questionable distributions, this time of the Mythic maps. It was during this time that Toastus returned, but was demoted due to his Spammy behavior, and ImWYoulose was banned and came clean that the had made up all the details about his life. Soon after, Peterson Task and Toastus planned an attack on ODST Expeditionairy force but were thwarted when Mike found out. Misunderstanding ensued as Task accused Mike of giving away his phone number. The conflict ended after Mike was unbanned and eonciled with Task.

Over the next few months, several more mods were added including Penguinpoacher8 and Penguin. During the Summer months, several mods were demoted for a variety of reasons ranging from resignation to bias from the leaders. To replace Mike, who was demoted ffor unknown reasons, Chickenlittle replaced him. However, around this time tension became evident between many of the members and the increasingly ignorant High Mods.

Tensions came to a head in December when members once again openly defied Task's authority when he imposed strict rules on what could be posted based on his own personal beliefs. Things only got worse when Task announced he was leaving and that Script, who had only received mod powers days before, would take his place. Many members now realized that Task was now in complete control with Rees and Peterson only on sporadically leaving him to do anything he pleased. Mike, recently returned from his writing pursuits, and several other Mods began discussing what had to be done about Task. The group was now divided between the longtime members who knew how far O4B had fallen and intended to do something about it, and the newer members who had never known an O4B where Mods were chose democratically or a balance of power existed and did not feel anything had to be changed. The Anti-Taskists, consisting of Chicken, Hammered, Mike, Dropship, Plain Ben, and Mindless began drawing up plans for returning O4B to its former glory, with plans ranging from a simple petition to a complete overhaul of the group's power structure. After many chat sessions, the plan came to fruition in early January when the Anti-Task members enacted a quick coup, demoting Task and anyone who may have aided him, as well as the numerous alts in power. Before long, a completely new O4B had emerged: Diamond O4B. Mike and mindless were reinstated as mods, Dropship, Hammered, and Ben were given full control, and Pete, Penguin, Script, Task, and Eliper were demoted. The new leadership quickly set about reinstating old policies such as mod elections and fireteams. Coincidentally, many members who had not been seen for a long time began returing en masse ushering a new Golden age for O4B.


The current mods are:

&nbsp Froses,

mindlessidiots, HammeredTurnip, Mike120593, AlexRees33 Dropship dude, Chickenlittle and Plain Ben



Newfgt at heart, you're new here and have just started posting. Good for you. Expect, with some active posting, to be promoted fast. One step higher then the Recruit, you usually get this promotion an hour or two after being active.

You're less of an FNG now, and you're more noticed in our forums, but when people think of O4B regulars you still aren't in the picture. Keep posting and you'll be up within a week.

- After a while of activity and minor contributions to the Imperium you're here,stuck in the most average pleb rank. By now you've probably been active for a month at least, and are recognized as being an active regular. Keep up the good work.

Hardened (lol) ODST- By now, you know O4B inside out, are affluent with the memes and know all the regulars, making you a true regular. This usually takes 2 months to get to.

Veteran ODST- Probably the highest rank you'll ever get, the Veteran is, as his name implies, a vet of O4B, and getting here requires a total 3-4 months worth of activity, plus some actual intelligence or some other attribute. True oldfgts.

Legendary ODST- The elitists of the pleb core, only 7 Legendary ODSTs can exist at maximum at once. You are voted in here by the mods (or the Fr. Col deems you worthy) for showing activity for a long, long time and having a major attribute that helps the group be what it is.

Mythic ODST-The elitists of the elitists, the Mythics are either Ex-moderators who rightfully deserve respect for what they have done by being a moderator, or ridiculously influential/smart or loooooong time active members. You must had a vote to get in here as well, and they don't happen as often as Legendary ODSTs.


The basic moderator role, the Officers are the most numerous types of mods, but only have the minor abilities such as Basic Moderating tools, blacklisting, and the ability to let people in the group. Please note that you don't have to be a specific nod-mod rank to be qualified to be selected as a mod, but relatively new members cannot be mods.

ODST Captain A medium-moderator position, the Captain has shown skill as an Officer and given more power, and has the ability to promote and other high things. Usually 4 exist at a time.

ODST Major-High mods, Majors have almost complete power, but still answer to the Force Colonel, and serve as him or hers' personal advisers, forming the Triumvirate (since 2 Majors exist at a time). Ridiculously hard to get here by the way.

ODST Force Colonel The Force Colonel is the supreme commander of the entire Imperium of O4B, and while his subordinate mods have power, he has full override control for anything. Obviously only one exists at a time.

Notable Threads and Members


The 4th has many popular threads that have been updated since the beginning of the group. The most active, and the one with the most posts, is the "Last one to post wins" thread, which is also known as the spam thread. The July Edition was won by Another Rebull, and the August Edition was won - controversially - by ImTheRealTASK. Killdroy won September. The most recent winners were Dropship dude, who won November, and January was won by (confirm?).

The Spam Thread has recently reached 20,000 posts. This is an amazing accomplishment, made by Mega. For this reason, Mega has been promoted to Mythic ODST, the Spam Thread locked and pinned, and a new thread created. The new spam thread has since become inactive.


Toastus: After a strange occurence which few know much about, Toastus was removed from power. He has since gone off the grid, which is to be suspected of a Conspiracist such as himself.

PETERSON4: Founder, demoted from full power due to failure to control the group due to his sporadic activity. Recently promoted back to full power.

Froses: Mod, Original maker and co-leader.

mindlessidiots: Mod, whose gamertag is GENERATIONKILLx.

ArchAssain: , "Faithful I am to ODST 4th B." His Gamertag is HSU DemonikSoul.

Mike120593: Former Mod, his Gamertag is Lax Mike and is an ex-member of the "Three Stooges".Only 2 time MotM (December 08 as well as March 11).

MegaPlayerASD: An ex-member of the "Three Stooges".

HammeredTurnip: Full Control, Former MotM and a drunken Irishman.

Axelord FTW: Long time member Loves Battlefield Bad Company 2.

AlexRees33: Full Control. He is also British and is known as "Bagels". Real Name: Alex.

TASK: Former Mod, Formerly (Brief) Co-Leader.


Dropship dude: Full Control who his (a super sexy -EB) Australian, and rides his pet kangaroo into battle via hack. His gamertag is Dropship dude.

Neonlight: Former mod, currently MIA.

Cheeto666: lLong time member. Real name: Eric

Elite_Buddy: Joined during Spotlight. Resident Llama-Elite-Pig. (a super sexy -EB) Aussie bastard.

People That Suck (Perma-Banned)

Below is a list of members that have been perma banned

Grimick (Getting Biastly banned),

Dead Man alive (Spam),

Bungie Freak 001 (Group Conqueror).

Various Alts of "GroupDestroyer"

Eleventh Echo (petty member of the Spartan I project)

ImWYouLose, Former Moderator who deleted a bunch of important threads/GroupDestroyer?

xJust:HavexFunx/GeorgeBushesFetus-Whiny little brat.

Members of the Month

July - PlainBen

August - HammeredTurnip

September - AxelordFTW

October - ImTheRealTASK

November - Another Rebull

December - Mike120593

The Revised Story of ImTheRealTASK by Mindlessidiots

ImTheRealTASK was favorite member of bungie for some time, he was known as "That air soft kid, until people started to impersonate him which caused him to make ImtheRealTASK. Later, He got a invite to join the ODST 4th Battalion, unfortunately his previous account was hacked so he was in bad mood, it also did not help that he had gotten previous invites to O4B before, so it only added fuel to the fire. He decided to spam our group to teach us a lesson. What happened was way different from what was expected. TASK spammed our group, but instead of getting banned, the mods decided to talk him down and see what was wrong.

The mods were able to see what upset TASK, and then apologized to him for the invite spamming. TASK was surprised by this, and decided that a group that was able to see why he was upset instead of just banning him like most group must be pretty cool, so he joined, and we put this whole incident behind us. TASK is still known as the spammer of the group, and even purchased a custom title called "The faith full spammer". TASK became an active member, somehow rising to the rank of Full Control Mod, though he was demoted for ignorance, abuse of power, and narrowmindedness.

Fatty fat fatty.

Alliances and Disagreements

ImWYouLose vs Everyone

For being a pathilogical liar, and otherwise a wackjob he is now a laughing stock.

The anime people vs Pete & friends

Clueless, Scorch, appearantly Axelord FTW like anime, Pete and most everyone else, either don't or don't want part in the figth. For these and other meaningless reasons, the elder member, Axelord left with a considerable amount of butt-hurt. Clueless left sometime after but returned a month or so later.

More coming soon

The Three Stooges

Around November of 2008 there were very few moderators patrolling the forums. Because of this, Toastus decided to implement three temporary moderators to the group. While not as powerful as a normal moderator, they were still supposed to be held int he same light. They weren't. These three moderators where:

  • Mega
  • Mike
  • TASK

This was achieved through a long live chat session. These moderators then decided to call themselves The Three stooges. As of November 22 Froses and Whitey returned and the Three Stooges were no longer needed.

Admin Approved



O4B under the rule of Pete.

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