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The user on this page is a Master Forum Ninja, for details on 'Ninjas' and for an official FAQ click here.

Nosferatu Soldie
Moderator nosferatu
Ninja Overview
UserName Nosferatu Soldie
Current Title Master Forum Ninja
Member Since 18.May.2004
Ninja Since 2005
Group Count 5
XL Gamertag Salty Pfhor
Profile Link

Nosferatu_Soldie is a Master Forum Ninja on and joined the ranks of the Forum Ninja in 2005. His user name is probably the most famous misspelling on BNet (after dumd, of course). He does not post often, but he does a lot of his moderating in "stealth" mode.

As a Bungie Community member, he created a Group on BNet called Teh 1337ists



Nosferatu_Soldie's Bungie Profile

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