NirvashTypeEND is an active member of's forums, primarily in the private group Sapphire and The Anime Community. Widely regarded as androgynous by most. He or she is known to be witty, sometimes completely snide, and a constatnt flirt. He/she is an open Furry, Secular Humanist, Left Wing, and Brony. He/she curently holds the rank of Fabled Heroic Member. They can typically be found sporting either a Boxxy or Eureka seveN coup.

Love LifeEdit

The status of his/her love life is largely in question due to the situation he/she and his/her significant other find themselves in. They currently live 143 kilometers apart. He/she has proposed once before, but was asked to wait.


  • Sapphire
  • The Anime Community
  • Electro House
  • Writer's Corner
  • Secular Sevens
  • Coup D Bungie 5

Xbox Live GamertagEdit


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