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Motto Those who are strong and wise, shall live. Those who are weak and ignorant, are always the first to go.
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Overview & General History

Mythical group was founded by xD3AD MAN LIVEx and co-created by Phoenix9508. It was devised as a juvenile re-taliation against vanert's group, "Team Mythic". xD3AD MAN LIVEx and Phoenix9508 thought that some of the groups rules, and ultimately, their leader was wrong and misguided. They tried to change that, but it failed. So they opted their last-resort; create an opposing group.

Recently a 3rd general, Superduper66, was promoted and has been doing a good job at keeping order in the forums. Also, around that time, the first forum moderator, AbeLincoln15, was also appointed, being a trustworthy leader of one of our ally groups. However, Abe has since been demoted, and Evanesca, (creator of the logo) has been promoted in his place. Ils sont tres intelligents!

It now is rising in number and its moderators are there every day. It bustles with activity and projects often. Soon to have a logo, humpday team, and machinima up and running. The group updates itself fairly often, so make sure to keep checking in! Recently, it's allied with the group Zombie League Gaming. It also has founded Mythical Machinima and Mythical Moderators.

Not long ago, Quado13, rose to the position of an Activity Manager. He has taken on many responsibilities with this job including managing a group calendar of events, writing a weekly newsletter, and massive amounts of recruiting. It's been very helpful and I believe has also helped in increasing activity around the place.

Starting sometime in September, Mythical Group has been doing podcasts which have consisted of Quado13, now an Administrator, and Phoenix9508 discussing various news in the realm of Halo and the group's activity along with a couple debates about popular subjects. The feature has gotten many subscriptions from itunes and still, after directing everyone to join at the closing, not one person comes. Regardless, it's a fun experience for the both of them and the members in the group look forward to it every week.

As of the end of 2009, the podcast had momentarily halted as Quado13 was away from the internet. The group is slow on plans for the time, but has many things ready to launch upon Quado getting one with a new computer. Still, as the group may not be doing much, people play together and discuss a wild variety of topics. We aren't going anywhere.


List of Ranks and Points Required to Achieve Them - As of 4/18/09

Reknowned Tactician - Moderator - Selected.

Revered Knight - 6000 points

Heroic Knight - 4000 points

Honored Knight - 2500 points

Noble Knight - 1500 points

Feared Mercenary - 1000 points

Calvary Rider - 600 points

Armored Warrior - 300 points

Crossbow Archer - 100 points

Infantry Swordsman - Starting Rank

Outsider - Self Explanatory

The points system of the Mythical Group are very simple. Points are recorded for activity such as:

- Foruming with a positive impact on the group.

- Winning certain contests and competitions.

- Recruitment of members.

- Participation in group sponsored events

Member Status

Current Members With Points

Mythical Group Theme, Current

One of Mythical Group's previous themes.

(Alphabetized & Classified) - As of 8/17/09

Infantry Swordsman

a large piex: 50

CardboardB0x127: 90

FarseerYams: 50

LaxKnight: 50

MarZ x VolTA: 45

RockNRolla11337: 70

Salamakajakawaka: 30

THE GILL777': 50

Zash208: 50

Crossbow Archer

Agustus: 100

alexmanjaro12: 125

BlackKnightKanso: 200

BLAH BERRY 486: 150


Brad1759: 260

Bruzzrad: 150


Corrosioned: 150

DestroyerLloyd: 290

Doodle: 100

halomcee: 150

HYPER B0Y: 130

Im SteelAssassn: 180

J Beast: 115

JtDob: 125

Mr Pie 5: 200

Myth of Tyrant: 200

Odhanan: 100

sPidey kOon: 225

Skater0: 125

The Swayzinator: 150


vanert: 215

Xyrelt: 100

Armored Warrior

Abelincoln15: 450

Delta 15t: 400

I Lunar Chaos I: 335

Calvary Rider

Evanesca: 690

Jacko009: 725

MacAttack1011: 615

Feared Mercenary

A RandomNate: 1070

Note: Points per member are dynamic and are subject to change overtime.



Phoenix9508 - PHOENIX RAGE!!!!

Supderduper66 - Forge Overlord

Qudao13 - PUSH MARY!!!!

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