Mudcat09 has been an avid halo player since Halo:CE. Though he didn't actually own an xbox until Halo 3 came out. He became active in the forums in mid 2009. At first joining the Reach forum, realizing their stupidity, and moving onto to the Flood Forum. He is an active member, and even has a flood Brother named Rienstien. He enjoys writing stories and challenging the intelligence of others. He often gets into topics that require alot of thought and reflection. He has 2 accounts on Mudcat09 and TDR Mudcat09, though he primarily uses the TDR account.

Mud is known throughout many factions or clubs of His most notable would be Eros. He is from Louisiana and discusses his home life. The majority of people on rather like him and he has many friends. He is known for his common antics and crazy ideas. He is an avid writer and has the beginnings of many stories posted on I say beginnings because he often forgets to update or simply forgets to finish them. His best friends are probably Liff, Bludy, and Jeenzz. He use to be very good friends with HobomcMuffin and when Hobo went missing even organized a continent wide search in the hopes of finding his missing friend.

The following is a quote from the Diaries of Rienstien

"When I first laid eyes on Mudcat I was impressed. He was the first person, besides myself, to divide by zero. I reached my hand towards him, and he realised that i offered him the greatest gift of"

That quote is from the chapter where Rienstien and Mudcat Escape from the Black Mesa Research Laboratory the instant it is destroyed.

Neither Rienstien or Mudcat was seen for the next few weeks, as from an aftershock of the explosion, they entered that one Star Trek episode where Kirk and Spock are sent to an alternate dimension where Nazis won world war 2. They then killed all the nazi troops, then traveled to the past to kill Hitler, for the 34th consecutive time.

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