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Quotes Edit

  • " I'm cool with it."
  • "Zombies are very helpful when in need." Life Edit

mku4 (as he likes to be called, to avoid the use of many characters), is a member from since 11/27/2007. He didn't started posting on the forums until some time in June. He can be seen regularly in either the Septagon, the Flood or in one of his groups.

Real LifeEdit

He is a 15 year old teenager, likes games, pr0n, music, painting, jokes, madly ranting at stuff, making pages of himself, etc.

Bungie gamesEdit

Since 2001 he has known about the existence of Halo, but never had the interest in Xbox videogames until he became 13.

He currently plays Halo 3 once or twice a week, and has a negative K/D spread. mku4 also has some interest on Marathon, but got stuck on G4 Sunbathing levers and has lost all hope of ever triggering them in the correct under. He is waiting to get money and time to get the remaining Halos.


  • Is writing this page. DO NOT EDIT. lol k.
  • Her older sister introduced him to Halo
  • Is ambidextrous
  • Likes his Warthog avatar, it has a ring to it
  • His gamertagwas a friend's idea. Not an excuse, though
  • PigBuster was here
  • Has a laptop, AND A LAVA LAMP!
  • Also enjoys Fable, Portal, Mario Kart, and wishes he still had a yo-yo
  • Is active in The Underground.


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