Math's coup avatar, memorizes the simple-minded.

Usually called just Math, Mister Math is one of the most quality members on the Flood. Unlike many popular members such as Jay and Harlow, Math does not have a large group of haters. In fact, he is generally loved on The Flood (and groups he frequents, such as Sapphire and The Enlightened Ones). He is famous on The Flood for his love and and skill with math. When he joined the site, he first became popular with his 0.999... = 1 thread, which got hundreds of replies, and quickly made a reputation for him. He is also known for posting very frequently, and users comment that he is very official, yet humorous and laid-back. Math does have his select few haters, but they all seem to just think he is arrogant, obviously because they are jealous of his brilliance. Now, he resides on the Flood as a frequent poster often posting in threads asking for help on math homework, in which the first few replies will say inb4 Mister Math.

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