The subject of this article is Bungie Lore; one of the many myths, legends, and easter eggs that have been created by Bungie.

The stuff of legend, Mister Chief is the by-product of Frankie's creative sense of humor. Mister Chief makes regular appearances in a lot of Frankie's material, mostly the Bungie Weekly Updates and other announcements. The Mister Chief is usually created by taking artwork of a famous artist, and using photoshop or other image programs to put Master Chief's head on it. (See example below) Mister Chief has also appeared in form of Etch-A-Sketch, as well as many other methods.

On Bungie Day 2007 (7/7/07), Bungie offered its fans several XBox 360 gamerpics and a Bungie theme featuring Mister Chief.


This is the first of many Mister Chiefs.





Superior Version

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Mister Chief Tribute Montage

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