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Mister Blargman is a user, active under his current account since 16/1/2010. His previous account, LousyRobin, was abandoned around that time, although it is uncertain as to why. LousyRobin was first created on January 3, 2008. His status, due to the young age of his account, is merely "Member".

He is, as far as general recognition goes, a completely average user of, frequenting both The Flood and the Community Forum. He appears to be one of the more intelligent users, although by no means famed for said intelligence, nor is this information certain to begin with. He posts frequently on the days where he is seen on, adding his 'two cents' to the page rather quickly when he can. Mister Blargman never seems to troll, instead he would appear to devote his time to an attempt to contribute to discussion on the forum, and add some intelligent conversation or information wherever possible. While, being an ordinary user, nobody really knows his motivation, the best guess is that he wishes to gain some recognition for being a 'good' user of the forum, but that is all really speculation.

Mister Blargman's profile offers little other information about himself. From his signature box, and Coup d' Bungie title, it would appear as if he takes a liking for Stephen Hawking, reflected in his self-stated interest in science and history. Said by himself in the Community Forum, he also enjoys pastimes such as skiing, swimming, jogging, and reading, as well as being an aspiring physicist and intellectual.

Mister Blargman

Mister Blargman's Emblem

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