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Brief HistoryEdit

Minty Freshness first started off on bungie in late 2003 under the name of Monkeybutt. His first group was Da Brotherhood of Halo founded by seargent johnson. He quickly made his way up the ranks in that group until the leader became unactive. At that time he destroyed the group and moved on to the flood, were he lurked there for 2 years. Early in 2004 an outbreak of Group Conquering occured between several groups and he was one of the first to get involved. Monkeybutt became a spy for both sides and took on the role of Double Agent. Shortly after though, Achronos anihillated the groups and Monkey soon fell Inactive. In 2005 Monkeybutt became Minty Freshness and he soon joined a group called Chaos Redifined. Soon after Chaos Redifined became Popular Fusion and Minty was one of the first to join. Minty was active in Pop Fusion for a couple of months and then fell inactive due to Group Conquering. This time the war was between The Seperatists and The Supremacists. Minty joined The Supremacists under the name of Silentdeath_06 and became a Strategist, coming up with many plans, but prefering to stay in the dark to avoid gettin banned. During the War Minty joined Ninja Academy and became an active member in the group's forums. Minty worked his way up the ranks fast and soon became a mod, though at that time the War between the seps and the sups was coming to a stop. Soon after that though, a new war between The Dark Chapter and several other groups was restarting again. Minty once again involved himself in another war, and sided with The Dark Chapter. Events and Info that took place during this war are sketchy and lost to all eternity. After that war, Minty laid down his conquering ways and settled down in Ninja Academy. Currently he has many friends there and is happy where he is.

Friends include:Edit

Bungie Games Edit

Halo 3 Xbox Live InfoEdit

  • Name: Landshark 38
  • Rank: Lieutenant Grade 2

Gamertags Edit

  • Landshark 38
  • MintyFreshness8

Groups Edit

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Minty Freshness' Profile

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