The better half of O'Donnell - Salvatori...the actual working half.

~ Marty O'Donnell on Michael Salvatori

Martin O'Donnell (left) with his companion Michael Salvatori (right)

Mike Salvatori is the compositional associate of Marty O' Donnell, and worked with him to create the soundtracks for both Myth games, Oni and the Halo trilogy.

During Bungie's tenure in Chicago, Marty and Mike owned their own audio studio (O'Donnell - Salvatori Total Audio Studios). Marty agreed to help the blooming seedling of Bungie by doing contract audio work on Myths 1 and 2.

Jason and Alex soon approached Marty with a deal to work for them on Halo and Oni, rather than just contracting. Marty agreed upon consideration. Mike would watch over the studio while Marty was working on Halo and Oni in order to run the commercial side of the business. Ten days after Marty had officially joined Bungie, Bungie was acquired by Microsoft.

During his carrer, Mike Salvatori has created audio effects for many games, including Riven, both Myth games, Oni and the Halo trilogy. He is currently writing music for Wideload Games' Hail To The Chimp. He is married, has four daughters and still resides in the windy city region.

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