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Memphis blue 72Edit

Join DateEdit

Memphis blue 72 joined on March 21, 2009, though he (and others) have stated that he decided to change his name, which forced him to create a new account.

Forum activityEdit

When he first joined, he was only on for the H3 forum, but after recieving a 2 week ban for "Posting off-topic material", he moved to the Flood. He is not well known in the Flood, but he does have a few friends.

Ban Status: Currently unbanned.

Ban History/MiscEdit

Memphis has been banned from the forums numerous times, and even he has lost count of the exact number, though he guesses that his total is between 10 and 12.

He changed his avatar to a panda for a few hours on the night of March 11, 2010, but after realizing that he liked his old avatar more, changed it back.

Friends: He was friends with ArkHammer47 and ChupaDave, but since they have both been inactive, the only friend that he has on the Flood appears to be tacomaster13. He also was a follower of Slender Man for a time, but after suffering from night terrors (extreme nightmares) and paranioa, only returns to the group or thread if he is "Bored out of my mind, and feeling a little masochistic."

Enemies: For a time, he "absolutely hated" harlowOO197 and Silver, but he has since returned both relationships to a neutral status.

In the spring of 2010, he joined a tinychat room that was hosted by Aerokinesis. When his webcam switched on, he promptly reached above him and pulled down a bottle of water. Aerokinesis commented that the water was "straight from the bong". It was, in fact, ordinary water, but the way Memphis drank it (by holding the bottle nearly vertical) was unique.

He is probably well known for having one of the more obscene auto-responders in the Bungie community.

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