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MegaPlayerASD- Exalted Mythic Member.

Private groups of oldeEdit

The Platoon

Current Private groupsEdit


MegaPlayer is what many including himself, in the group, would call an OldFgt. He has been active since the early days of O4B.


One day after realizing that the Diamond age of O4B was almost as empty as the last age of tyranny, Toastus, MegaPlayer, and a few others decided to create a rebirth group called O4B2. Toastus created the group and MegaPlayer was a high mod/ CoFounder. They started inviting the more friendly people of O4B. Eventually Toastus virtually resigned from mod status, while completely stepping down as Ruler. MegaPlayer took his place.

As time passed it was decided that, despite the original spirit of the groups founding, it was unfair to discriminate against the very people they were trying to escape. Following the joining of Pirated Goods/Task, unease began to set in. Between this, and several incidents of unfair banning by the hand of Cheeto666 while MegaPlayer was on vacation, many people were becoming disgruntled that O4B2's leaders had perhaps failed what they set out to do. It was mere months after this that O4B2's activity began to sharply decline. Today O4B2 is dead, it's page filled with archives except for the occasional "Last!" thread.

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